El corazón de una madre

Because their hearts are linked in, sinked in…
Tears of hope, tears of joy and tears of pure love
She, Proud to be a mother, He, proud to be a son
Miracle of life, I, Proud to be an uncle
I, Proud to be a brother to a magical women and mother
Full of life, enthousiasm overwelming anyone in miles of her
Her son following in her footsteps
Smiles blinding heartaches, refreshing souls
Words can’t even start to describe how much I love them
She has him tatooed on her, He has her engraved in his heart forever
I got them tatooed on my soul
I want life to be fair, I’m stressed, full of anxiety
Because life needs to be kind
Life needs to be rich and fufilling
I am the sword for those who’ll be unkind
The Samurai way of thinking for justice in the making
Because, For I, am Not a King
But for them, I would give my Soul.

By : Jimmy Marquis
Writing time: approx: 20 minutes
October 19th 2014