Always felt an engraved belief
That one day, hope won’t only be a dream
It will come as destiny, and finally a relief
Potential to be realized, tired of the forced compremise
I don’t want to look back as a lost soul wondering why… at my demise…
Always felt I could be the key
hate the fact I need money to pay the fee
just to turn the lights on
I feel blessed but left alone
Always knew I could contribute to the world
Hate the thought that it might just be as a fertilizer
as I rest my soul and leave behing a name engraved in stone
I need to pierce the shell of this overcoming Dome…
Take over and be the King of my Rome.
But as I rule my own city, I need to have the ressources to help my people
As I rule my thoughts and comprehend my happening
As I feel and embrasse the anxiety of my mortality
I need to have the ressources to be all that I can be
I am but a shell of who I am and who I need to be
Shells crack, But I never do
I emotionally leave scars to my living tissue
But my mindstate stays true
Because, even if it’s all I leave behind, I stay as strong as a rock
Pain’s only a sad shadow living on my edge
But I’m as meaningfull as stonehenge
Might be rough around the edges but there’s a higher power to fufill and understand
Engraved in my environnement and leaving people confuse
But letting go of what I always knew and felt, I simply refuse…
I don’t want oneself to write a book of righteousness when I’m gone…
I want to write the book that will make sense before I am actually gone.
A ghostsoul engraved in humanity…
An engraved belief left upon me…
But a credibility that no one will find the courage to give me
It’s alright, because engraved souls are the common subject of mystery
Without mystery, there’s no dream…
Bad for me to take it away… atleast… so it seems…

By: Jimmy Marquis
February 9th 2015