You probably know without knowing.
Best and worst kept secret, but since the first time I saw you, I felt the passion born and burning.
Every time I get to see you, Every time I get to hear your voice, it takes me awhile to stand again.
The mere respond from you keeps my soul warm as could be.
I know it’s never meant to be, but I’m not one to ignore a deep heartfelt feelings.
I will have to learn to fade away cause how you make me feel won’t.
I could travel a hundred miles only to see you smile.
Even without you by my side, I get comfort in remembering your beautiful smile.
All I really need, is to know that you are and ever will be happy.
Words can’t even start to describe how I feel about you…
Nor, how you did shatter my world when I met you for the first time.
Since then, I can’t erase what could be. Wake up every day knowing that dreams can be chased, but not you.
The ounces of hope that travels through me… even by mistake…
They make me breathe again and can’t wait for the next one…
I hope it won’t be at my wake that you will show warmth, I’d like to be there and awake…
Life’s short, but even a short life with you, can be spelled a fulfilled life.

Sign anonymously by: Jimmy Marquis. 🙂